Change Is Coming: Proposed Legislation Amends Quality Assurance Activities For Adult Care Facilities

March 16, 2021


In an effort to prioritize and increase infection control in adult care facilities, SB 1784A and AB 5846 were introduced in the New York State Legislature.  If enacted, Section 461-a of the Social Services Law will be amended to require adult care facilities to institute quality improvement committees that do the following:

  • Include the administrator or operator, resident council president or representative, and frontline employees from each area of operations as committee members.
  • Include development and maintenance of infection control performance standards.
  • Measure adherence to the standards as well as state and local infection control laws and regulations.
  • Identify performance failures, design and implement corrective actions.
  • Meet periodically and at least every six months.

If the State legislature passes the bill and the Governor signs it into law, it will take effect 90 days after its enactment.

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