Nursing Homes & Long-Term Care Facilities


GW represents many nursing homes throughout the tri-state region. As with all of our clients, the breadth of our experience is a major benefit for our nursing home clients. We provide the following representative services, among others:

Mergers/Acquisitions/Joint Ventures

  • Strategic planning
  • Regulatory approval
  • Negotiation of sales, purchases, mergers, etc.


  • Governance, including executive compensation limits
  • Bylaws
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Not-for-Profit laws, including fund-raising
  • Financial aid policies
  • Joint Commission


  • Advice regarding:
  • Fraud and abuse
  • Anti-kickback
  • State and Federal “Stark” laws
  • Medicare and Medicaid billing
  • False claims
  • Civil monetary penalty
  • Corporate compliance programs and training
  • Governmental audits and investigations, including OIG, OMIG, DOH, and US Attorney audits and investigations relating to Medicare and Medicaid billing and reimbursement
  • "White collar" defense under Federal and State law


  • Compliance analysis
  • Development of compliance manual, educational and oversight programs
  • Data breach mitigation; responses to government audits and breach investigations

Information Technology

  • Electronic Health Records
  • Hardware and software contracts

Managed Care

  • Contract negotiations – value based purchasing
  • Contract and claim disputes
  • Contract terminations, hearings
  • Third-party payor audits

Real Estate/Finance

  • DASNY, MCFFA, HUD, IDAs and other governmental non-taxable issuers
  • Equipment acquisition and leasing
  • Sale, lease and construction of medical offices and other health care facilities
  • Real property tax matters for both tax-exempt and taxable owners
  • Tax-exempt and taxable financing transactions
  • Special advice on healthcare regulatory issues in varied financing transactions


  • Environmentaldue diligence and compliance audits
  • Negotiation of clean-up agreements with regulatory agencies and contractors
  • Environmental compliance advice, including hazardous and regulated medical waste


  • Human resources issues
  • Compliance with state and federal wage, safety, overtime, and discrimination laws.
  • EEOC, Labor Department, human rights investigations

Corporate Reorganization and Bankruptcy

  • Preparation and prosecution of Chapter 11 cases for corporate debtors
  • Debtor-in-possession financing

Discharge Planning and Patient Rights

  • DNR, Health Care Proxy issues
  • Guardianship proceedings
  • Confidentiality and disclosure of medical records
  • Incident reporting

Litigation and Arbitration

  • Litigation in Federal and State courts, arbitration, and mediation relating to all of the areas described above
  • Appeals