Coronavirus (Covid-19) Strategies And Suggestions

March 5, 2020


The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States is increasing rapidly and health care providers need to be prepared.  Federal, state and local government agencies recommend that health care providers take various steps during their preparation efforts, including the following:

  • Review the organization’s Emergency Response Plan and be prepared to implement it
  • Contact the applicable trade association if encountering supply shortages
  • Implement Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) conservation strategies
  • Be prepared to implement communication plans with employees and patients
  • Consider tele-health and remote treatment options to keep individuals at home
  • Be prepared to isolate or address high risk patients
  • Understand when testing for the Novel Coronavirus is permissible (Note: there are limited testing options at this time and specific guidelines as to when tests can be requested)
  • Educate people on strategies to avoid Emergency Departments, which may become over-crowded
  • Identify essential staff and consider which staff can work remotely
  • Report confirmed cases or individuals who meet the criteria for persons under investigation (“PUI”)
  • Be prepared to address employee inquiries and concerns
  • In facilities, consider access and movement of visitors
  • Be familiar with Federal, State and local on-line resources. Here are a few:

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As this situation unfolds, recommendations and requirements are being updated and changed at a rapid pace.  If you need any assistance in understanding or addressing these concerns, please contact the Garfunkel Wild attorney with whom you regularly work.

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