Becker’s ASC Review quotes Andrew E. Blustein and Greg E. Bloom on The Key Components of Building an Ambulatory Surgery Center

June 29, 2018


Andrew E. Blustein and Greg E. Bloom were quoted in Becker’s ASC Review.

In the June 25, 2018 article on the “The key components of building an ambulatory surgery center” Mr. Blustein and Mr. Bloom were quoted on the importance of ASCs hiring a construction firm with extensive knowledge of the Department of Health regulations, design standards and HIPAA compliance.

The article explores the requirements and pitfalls construction firms should consider when building an ambulatory surgery center.  Mr. Blustein stated “ASCs are unique, specialized creatures.  If you’re building an ASC, it’s important to hire an architectural and construction firm with bonafide experience working in the state you’re involved with.”  Mr. Bloom stated “Someone who has only worked on regular office buildings may overlook state or federal codes when it comes to fire safety and other important areas.  ASCs cannot open their doors until the site passes inspection with the state.  If they fail inspection, the cost of a project in creases due to corrections that may need to be made, and the project delivery is delayed.”  In the article,  Eastman Cooke Chief Executive Officer, Peter Morandi, noted the firm works closely with Garfunkel Wild, P.C. on ASC projects.


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